Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring / Summer 2014 ~ HomeSense Edition

Hello Friday! I am so already for Spring and dispite the single digit temperature, I gladly welcome the sunny days with bright blue sky for some much needed Vitamin D!  It's the end of April and although our exterior is not quite ready to shake off its windbreaker jacket, I think our homes are now ready to put on that fresh, vibrant, and cheerful new outfits!

And THAT is exactly what HomeSense has instore for us.

Nothing says Spring better than gorgeous flowers.  Tulips, Muscari, Magnolia, Hyacinths, and Peony, just to name a few.  While some of these fresh beauties are popping into our local flower shops, HomeSense is now fully stocked with these these faux versions that look and feel unbelievably real and the best part is: these last forever!!  Easy on the wallet and my black thumbs can't kill them, what else can I ask for right?

The HomeSense team has done an amazing job creating this flower pop-up that reminds me of the flower shop in Europe! Casual elegance and whimiscal: LOVE!!

Now here is chic storage / craft room / sunroom idea I would love to try out: a space saving storage unit with polished chrome frame and driftwood shelves + drawer, a basket of peonies (who doesn't love that?), and a magnetic board to capture your favourite moments.

Next to the Parisian flower boutique is this refined rustic living room with bold striped wallpaper, sky blue mid-century inspired sofa, large scale prints, and charming handcrafted wood table.  For the guys who would like to take a seat while their friends go pick out the perfect flower bouquets, here is the spot just for you. 

A few of my favourite items in this boyfriend's corner: dynamite ikat rug, the collection of statues (how worldly is that?), and of course that pair of side tables! I have them at #ProjectChris!

Now ladies, did your heart skipped a beat when you saw this sumptous bedroom? What a romantic, luxurious space filled with top quality fine Egyptian cotton linens, decadent beaded silk pillows, exqusite high-end table lamps, and graphic area rug in colorways that tie the entire room together.  

Don't believe me? Here are a few detail shots.

The number of vigettes at the HomeSense Spring/Summer Preview is mind-blowing.  This is a fine example on how to create a serene sanctuary in a tight corner.  Seeing the hidden potential at your own home?   

Inspiration No. 2 and this time with a chaise and a console table.  The formula is similar to Inspiration No. 1, but the extra console and side table made a world of difference.  Seeing yet another hinden potential for that tiny, narror room in your house?

I certainly have saved the my favourite for last.  This incredibly chic and stylish living room is just jaw-droppingly beautiful.  This room could easily be featured in a magazine and I am having a #milliondollardecorator moment! The super chic graphic wallpaper in classic blue and white is complemented by the tailored, contemporary sofa in soft grey.  The white painted mirrored side tables add sparkles and provide practical storage capacity.  The dark navy on the table lamps, floral rug, artwork, and porcelain stools screams sophistication, contrasts with the bright yellow accent, and creates dimension to the space.    

So many favourite items in this room.  What is your pick?

Here is my favourite close-up shot.

Ok ... one more favourite close-up shot.

The journey to the promised land didn't end in this living room.  Do you see what I see? Is that an outdoor oasis await behind those sensational screens? I am hunting down those screens right now and if you see them, please let me know!

yes, Yes, and YES was what I said to myself the moment I stepped into this space.  I mean really, this is a showroom for preview? I so just want to take all these fabulous items home and "re-create" this space.  It is chic, it is classy, and it is fun! Who doesn't want a pair of mama and baby elephants in their backyard? No maintenance and they will stay lush and green forever!!

I am crazy about these brass lanterns with a nautical flair.  A pair of these will have to be mine.  I want them.  NO, I NEED THEM!

In case you still don't see why I am so obsessed with this space, here it comes again! #glorious!  oh and hello rug with a rope motif, almost missed you.

Now if the sailboat-inspired garden party isn't your cup of tea, here is a streamlined space fit for a gentleman.  Do you see this in the next season of Mad Man?    

Mod black & white with vibrant teal in stripes and geometric prints as accent, what fun!

If you have a small balcony with limited square footage (which applies to most downtown condo dwellers), this is a stylish yet compact set you want to have.  Mid-century inspired armchairs with tapered feet in neutral grey means you can switch up the accent colour in a breeze! You know how much I love redecorating season after season.  I will be out hunting for this set.   

As I walk you through the Preview, have you noticed all the different fabulous rugs in the different vignettes?  That's right, HomeSense has stocked up on amazing rugs and here is your sneak peek of what to expect at your local stores. 

Doesn't it just look like an high-end rug store? My thought exactly and there are a few I absolutely want to try out at home.  Which one do you want to take home friends?

Before I set you off to shopping, here is a fantastic tour by the beautiful and talented Tamara 

I hope you enjoyed this fabulous spring/summer preview at HomeSense and please do let me know what you've picked up to welcome the warm weather into your home! 

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  1. Beautiful pics of the gorgeous settings! My husband would LOVE those 2 horse prints in the blue and white room. I gotta hunt down that chrome bamboo barcart at homesense, have been looking for one with right size and style. And those rugs! I think I'll be spending my summer at homesense...